Friday, June 29, 2007

For those missing Gabriel

Just took a pic of the little monster. He looks a lot sweet than he was in this picture. We are working on "smiling" instead of just showing teeth.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Gabriel and his buddy, Jameson

Gabriel insists on holding Jameson. He even kisses and rubs his head.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Keeping Jameson

I have started keeping Jameson, and Gabriel is slowly getting better with him. Here is a picture from the first day, when he wanted to do everything Jameson was doing. He even let Jameson bite on his hand.

Father's Day in CT

We went down to Jim's (Jonathan's uncle) for Father's day. His parents and sister met us there for a cookout.

Showing off his muscles

Whale Watching (Disaster)

Gabriel and I took Jonathan on a 3 hour whale watching cruise for Father's Day. Jonathan and I ended up getting sea sick for just about the entire trip. It was rough! We did, however, see 3 whales. It would have been amazing if not for the sick stuff!

Making Cookies for Daddy

I let Gabriel help with cookies on Friday for Jonathan. It was his first time getting to decorate them. At first, he just ate all the sprinkles, but, he must have had too much, because then he worked at decorating without eating anymore.

Fun with Sarah

Our friend, Sarah, came over last week. Gabriel thinks she comes over just for him. He is a little bossy with her.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Different updates

Our friends, Lindsay and Peyton, had a night out last Friday night, so we kept their son, Jameson. I pulled out Gabriel's baby chair, and Gabriel insisted on sitting in it. (Still a little jealous.) So, here are a couple of pics from the night - with a real nice one of Peyton holding Jameson.

Gabriel's new entertainment is to spin his play mat around on his hand. I love how he has to point the other finger as well!

We went for a haircut today, and I was dreading his temper tantrum. However, I guess the 6th time is a charm, because he did perfect! Even sat by himself in the chair. When the lady trimmed around his ears with the clippers, he looked at her and said "tickle, tickle".

La Le Loo

Gabriel is getting really good with his words. He will even say the alphabet with you, getting most of the letters right. And when he is getting upset and just crying at you, we can say to him to use his words, and he'll calm down long enough to tell us what he wants. Sometimes, we'll have to get him to use his sign language to make sure we understand him. .However, there is one phrase he is consistent with, and we have no idea what he is saying. La Le Loo. He does it when he wants you to pick him up. I've marked it in his baby book - hoping one day we'll figure it out. If not, that's okay - it's cute!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Not Quite Ready to Potty Train

Gabriel is a little confused as to what to do with the toilet.

Enjoying the weather

We are having some real nice weather here. Unfortunately, we can not enjoy it completely since Jonathan was injured last week. He injured his shoulder playing hockey, so, he is been stuck in a sling all week.

We also got Gabriel some sidewalk chalk. It keeps him from coloring everything inside our house, and he loves it.

Relaxing with DaddyLook at the frog!

The frog is still there

Lazy, lazy dog
Fish Face


Sunday, June 3, 2007

Just some updated pictures

This weekend has been busy, and we are dragging a bit, but Jonathan did manage to snap a cute shot of Gabriel observing an inchworm - and then of course him attacking me while I relaxed a bit.


Hi Daddy!

Mommy and Me

Daddy told me to jump on you! (Look at that face! Lil' monster!)

I love you, though

Do I have to wear clothes?