Monday, October 29, 2007

Georgia on my mind

We're here...all safe and sound, and we closed on our house today. I will be living in the house as of tomorrow. Jonathan is still out in CA, but will be arriving "home" next Sunday.

No pictures right now..I'm not even sure where my camera is at the moment. I'll try to post some pics of something soon! ;o)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Last Blog in MA!

The movers are here today packing up our place. It's a little crazy doing this...with a two year old....planning on living out of your suitcase for a week+.....Jonathan and I traveling to different places....and yes, did I mention, with a two year old? These poor movers. Gabriel keeps showing off for them. I heard him earlier on my bed saying "man,!" And then he would jump on the bed. The other guy gave him a ball...and found out the hard way that it meant that Gabriel would continue to throw the ball at him for 45 minutes and yell for him to throw it back. this is it! We will probably be without our computer from this evening until Jonathan makes it down to GA and hooks it back up for me. Wish us luck! We're sad to go, but excited about what is next for us.

Friday, October 12, 2007

We're Under Contract!

We are hoping to close on our house in Villa Rica, GA on Oct. 29th....and move in on the 30th! It's moving so fast, it feels surreal! Jonathan is taking a job with a company called SM&A as a consultant. He will be starting on the 22nd out in CA.

I will e-mail our new contact info soon.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Some "Gabriel" time

We decided that Gabriel needed some one-on-one with us, with all that is going on. So, off to the indoor playground! Jonathan got in with him, and Gabriel LOVED it! All I could hear from the ground was "Come on daddy!" I think both needed a nap after, but we settled for a orange icecream float.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Time to Start a New Book

Many of you know that today is Jonathan's last day in the Air force. We have mixed emotions, but have faith that good things will come from this.

I took a last picture this morning of Jonathan in his uniform with the boys.

Silly kisses for Daddy

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Spidy PJs

Gabriel in his spidy pjs, showing off his web.
"Cool!" (imagine him using his big boy voice, with a growl.)

Indoor Playground

With Gabriel's lack of sleep, he has been a little tough to handle all day. I was thrilled when we came across an indoor playground. More like the game, was huge with lots of tunnels and slides. He had a blast! He found a little boy that was 5 to play with. The 5 year old, named Cory, was super sweet with Gabriel. He would hold his hand if Gabriel got nervous walking in the netted areas...and refer to Gabriel as "little guy". I have video of the two of them, but, I'll have to figure out how to send it.

After almost 2 hours of playing, Gabriel came over to me to hold him and turned to the balls to tell them bye bye.

You think he would have slept good last night. Nope. I ended up somewhat sleeping in his floor from 12 until 6 this morning. Quality sleep. ;o)

Gabriel loved this slide...that's him saying "cool!"

Monday, October 1, 2007

2 Year Wellness Checkup

Gabriel passed his checkup with flying colors. Other than him not sleeping at night. We had another "awake from 1-5am" last night. The Dr. said it could be his teeth...or he is feeling our stress, and it may have become a habit since it's been 2 weeks!! Yikes! Our next step that we or I will probably try toward the end of the week or weekend....pull his door (it sticks) so he can not open it, and let him cry it out for a while.

Other than that,
Weight - 31 lbs
Height - 35 1/2 "
75% for both, so he is perfect. :o) (Which I knew!)
And, we did a lead test, which Jonathan hated, because they had to draw blood. With all the recalls, the Dr. recommended we check it.

He is sleeping off to sleep I go!