Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Off To Vegas!

Jonathan and I will be leaving (sans child) tomorrow to go to Vegas for a long weekend. I'll post some pics when we get back! Looking forward to a little vacation....

More Easter and Birthday Photos

Jonathan gave me a high heel shoe-chair for my closet...but Gabriel thinks it's his personal movie watching chair. :o)

We took Gabriel to my dad's house on Easter afternoon to egg hunt. There were way too many eggs for him...and I say this because they all had candy. So, we've hidden the candy away for now. Later that day, Jonathan was working (and he puts headphones on to block us out) - so, Gabriel wanted to listen to music for a minute...until his ears got too hot.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Pics

This is Gabriel's Easter outfit that he wore for church. Only got a couple of pictures, but he sure was cute!

Move over Donald Trump, I'm ready for business!
Listening to the chicken sing the chicken song...horrible chicken song

Early Birthday Dinner

After our fun day of Easter egg hunting on Saturday, we left Gabriel with the babysitter (a.k.a. MiMi) and went to an early Birthday dinner for me with our friends Amanda and Rob. Amanda tossed up the idea of going to a new place in Carrollton - so, we drive out there only to find that it is no longer open. So, we settled for the familiar - La Fiesta!! Amanda and I even enjoyed the viewing of a Sex in the City episode on the drive. I know we drove Rob and Jonathan crazy with our loud laughing. But, it was a good time, with great friends. Thanks guys!!

Me and my man
Rob the artist...
Hanging tough...oh, oh, oh, uh oh...still hanging tough
Spring Break '08!! Mini Van style!

Villa Rica's Easter Egg Hunt

Over 23,000 eggs were out...and the kids sucked them up like a hoover vacuum in under 10 minutes. Gabriel was so thrilled to have his basket full of eggs! The candy inside..not so yummy, but, that was okay with me. Less candy for him to eat! His MiMi came out to watch, along with his Godmother, Amanda and her hubby, Rob.

Just getting started Wow! Look at all the eggs! (They're not hidden too well)
MiMi's there for support
Gabriel's personal cheering squad
TOO close to the camera
Showing daddy how well he did
Getting a lift to the car

Monday, March 17, 2008

Playhouse Disney Live!

We missed the terrible storms that came through town on Saturday by going to Alabama for Playhouse Disney Live. Gabriel likes Mickey Mouse, along with all the other Disney characters, so we thought he'd enjoy this. And he did. Intermission was almost too long for him, but other than that he had a great time.

Sitting by the waterfall before the show
Gabriel's new Handy Manny Toy
Waiting for the show to begin
No really, I'm excited
Dad made me wear the silly hat
Then he gave me this amazing stuff called cotton candy!
Oh Wow! There's Mickey Mouse!!!
Disney Gang
What a fun show...time to go home.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Written updates

The other day out of the blue while cleaning toys with his MiMi, he started singing "clean up, clean up, everybody go and do it". (Or at least that's what we're getting from it.) You try and try to teach your child, and they actually learn more from other kids and the teachers at school!

Then, today at lunch, we met GeeDaw and MawMaw and Uncle Jeff at Tin Roof, and they brought out our food. My sandwich had a toothpick in it, and he leaned over and said, "happy birthday, mommy". So freaking sweet!!

The other day he asked where daddy was, so I said, "daddy's at work". He said "go get him". I said "sweetie, we can't...he'll be home later today". He said, "Gabriel make daddy smile. Gabriel say I love you, daddy." The boy knows how to get us and wrap us around his finger!! :o)

And his latest "I can't want it!"

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Boy Sure Does Love His Daddy

EVERY time Jonathan comes home, we'll walk out and wait to see his car come down the street, and then off Gabriel goes. I know, I know...he shouldn't be running out in the street, but we only have one neighbor! :o)

The Pink 4-Wheeler

Gabriel's older cousin, Chloe, has a pink 4-wheeler that she let Gabriel ride yesterday. He loved it! I guess Jonathan and I should look at investing in one....that's not pink! We spent the afternoon at my dad's house, and just played outside for a few hours. Here are a couple of pictures that I got of Gabriel on the 4-wheeler and the treker.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

All is Quiet here

We haven't had anything big going on here no new pics of the little man. But, we did attend my nephew's band concert, and got a picture of him and his dad. So, here is Cory Sr. and Cory Jr.