Sunday, October 26, 2008

Moonlight Madness

So, I ran my first 5k last night with Jonathan. It was the 29th Annual Moonlight Madness run in Douglasville. Our run didn't actually start until 9:00pm, so by then I was pretty nervous. But, I put my earphones in, kissed Jonathan bye (since he runs a bit faster than me) and we were off, with Kayne West singing 'Stronger' in my ears. 39 minutes later, I crossed the finished proud of myself!! So...........I've already signed up for another one in December. I'm hooked!

No pictures, though, since it was just Jonathan and I, and we were both running. Oh...Jonathan ran it in 24 minutes. :o) I was proud of him, too!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Hotrod...and His New Car

Jonathan just got his car last week. Need I say more?

Fall Festival

We went to my dad and stepmother's annual fall festival, and unfortunately didn't get very many pictures. The ones we did get, I wasn't too thrilled about. :o) But here are a couple of Gabriel and his friend, Carson.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dinner Standoff

So, some of you may know, that Gabriel is an absolute TERRIBLE eater. We make a big deal when ever he eats "real" food. So, the other night, Jonathan worked late, and it was just Gabriel and I. He ate two tiny bites of his corn dog, and was done. I got tired of sitting there waiting, so finally grabbed my camera.

Rocco patiently waiting in the background
I thought he was going to break here....but, no.
Then he decided it was funny that I was taking pictures.
Thank God for Carnation Breakfast and Superman Vitamins.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkin Farm

We went to a beautiful place in north Georgia, called Burt's Pumpkin Farm. Our friends invited us along with a large group of people, and the kids had a blast. There were so many different pumpkins, even blue ones! Gabriel decided his favorite was a little white one, and we picked out a big one for daddy. We all got to ride the hayride, which I think was more of a treat for the adults, since we got to sit in the shade. All in all it was a very good day, and we are thankful for great friends.

Gabriel was explaining to me that he was picking flowers for me.
Caught in the act
Giving mommy kisses and flowers
Gabriel and Addison
Gabriel and Daddy
1st try at a family photo

Gabriel and Addison on the pumpkins

Cara and Addison on the hayride
Half of our group
2nd shot at family photo

Ready for Halloween!

I think we'll finally be able to get Gabriel to wear a costume this year. When his Baccas were here for his birthday, they bought him the Buzz Lightyear costume that HE picked out. At first, he wouldn't do anything with it except look at it. But, this week he decided he wanted to wear it, and he has worn it everywhere! Usually it's just the wings, but he said that he can jump bigger when he is wearing it.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

City Slickers Go Horseback Riding

So, on our Colorado trip, we took a 3+ hour horseback riding trip up into the mountains. We had Amanda and Rob, and our friend Ameer. We had a fantastic time, however, it left us all a little sore. So, after the trip, we went to the hot springs and all got massages. Very nice....

Hiking in the Rockies

This is what I so look forward to! This was our third trip, and I am in better shape each time. It was still hard, but, so worth it. We did a total of about 6 miles, and sat at this beautiful lake for lunch. It threatened rain on our walk down, so we ended up next to sprinting...and right at the end it actually hailed on us!

Estes Park

Amanda and Rob flew in on Tuesday, so we picked them up in Denver and did some sight seeing through Estes Park and the Rockies. We found this neat little authentic Mexican restaurant on our way.

This is so cool! A moose! A real moose!!

No margaritas...just really relaxed. Looks like we're posing for our school pictures. We found snow!

We were above these clouds

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Colorado Springs Zoo

When we got to Colorado on Sunday, we got to stop by and see a friend of Jonathan's in Denver. Viki and her new baby. Then we headed to Colorado Springs to see Jim, Allie and their baby.

On our first real day in Colorado Jim and Allie took us to the zoo. I absolutely loved it! I got to pet a giraffe and that made my day. They brought along their little girl, Ella, who looks just like her and all. It was a real nice visit with them.