Thursday, March 12, 2009

Disney World

We had such a wonderful, but quick time in Disney World last week. And it was even more of a pleasure that we were able to spend some time with some friends of our, The Vrabecs. Gabriel and Abby enjoy seeing and playing with each other. It's a shame they can't see each other more often. I guess we the parents really should make more of an effort. (It's me, Cheyna!! I'm going to come that way before you move....promise!!)

We ended up spending 3 full days in Disney, two spent at Magic Kingdom and one day at Animal Kingdom. I could have spent the whole time at Magic Kingdom, that place is amazing!! And the light parade and fireworks were really just magical. I have so many pictures, so the easiest way to share them is to put them on a slide show. I hope the next time we go, we can spend it with more family and friends. It's just such a cool place!


Last week at Disney World, we were trying to relax a little bit in the morning before heading to the park. Gabriel was trying to lay on me, but kept turning his head back and forth to get comfortable. Finally, he looked up at me and said "Mommy, move your chins so I can lay down". He was referring to my chest!! :o)