Thursday, April 30, 2009

From the Mouth of Gabriel...

I laugh more these days just listening to my son talk, then anything else. And he talks ALL the time. He is very animated, and gets frustrated if he can't think of the right word to say on his own and will finally say "you tell me" - and sometimes I have no idea what he is thinking and that just makes him more upset.

Everything is a negotiation. "If I eat all my dinner, I get 5 marshmallows" - no, you get 3, "what about 4"; when it's time to leave someplace that he is having a good time he'll do the "we'll leave in 2 minutes...NO 3 minutes, okay mommy?"

Monsters seem to be his favorite topic right now - he watches them on movies, draws pictures of them, even pretends my curling iron is one (without teeth) and my hairbrush is the one with teeth. Yesterday I was telling him that if he is outside and someone pulls their car up to our house and I'm not with him, for him to run into the house and not to talk to them. This wasn't good enough for him - he wanted to know why. So, I told him, there are some bad people out there, and someone might try to put him in their car and take him. He thought this over for a minute and asked excitedly "are they monsters??" Not sure he got the point. We'll keep trying.

He loves that he knows his full name along with Jonathan and my name. (However, he never remembers I have a middle name). And he actually refers to me as Amy quite often now...thinking it's funny. His grandmother was asking him what all of our names were the other day, and he got his right...mine right...and then when she asked what his daddy's name is he answered "Jonathan Thomas-The-Train Scofield".

Lastly for this post, Gabriel insists that the baby is a boy, and has decided the name of the baby will be..............................Fido.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where do Babies come from......

Gabriel was talking to the baby tonight, and then he sat up and rubbed my belly, and said "mommy, I was a baby in your tummy, and I had hiccups....did that hurt you mommy?" I assured him it didn't hurt, so the conversation continued with him asking "but how did I come OUT of your tummy?" So, thinking I could just ease through this, I told him mommy and daddy went to hospital and the Dr. pulled him out of my tummy. He sat there for a minute looking at me, and finally said "But WHERE did he pull me out from?" I just looked back at him....lucky for me he has a short attention span and all of a sudden decided he wanted a donut. :o)

Monday, April 13, 2009


I don't remember having so many egg hunts when I was a kid, but Gabriel participated in 6 this year. Yes, 6. So, needless to say, we'll have candy hid away until next year. He had two parties during his class, one big one at his school, one for our church, the "Easter Bunny" left eggs in the house on Easter morning, and then he got to look again at his grandparents. (However, they actually HID them, so it took the adults looking to find them.) ;o)
We had a beautiful day, and kept reminding Gabriel the real reason for the day. I even prepped him with a Veggie Tales movie called 'Easter Carol' that explained it. However, that evening, Jonathan and I seemed to approach our first "real" discussion. It started when Gabriel asked why Jesus had boo boos on his hands (in the movie) - so, Jonathan tried his best to the end, Gabriel walked over to me and said "Momma - do you know why Jesus died? He died so he can live in our hearts. There were some mean people that gave Jesus boo boos, and he died on a tree." And he walked out of the room.

Sweetwater Park

We had a rare beautiful day in the middle of what felt like weeks of cold rain, so Gabriel and I strapped on our boots and went "hiking" at Sweetwater park. I have not taken him yet, due to the fact that I didn't want to end up carrying him if he got tired. I thought he was ready now. We made it half a mile when I decided he might be only good for another 1/2 and we should turn around and head back. This brought on a mild temper tantrum, so I pretended to be going another way...he followed for a short while, and then told me he was all out of energy and couldn't walk anymore. Arghh!!! The last bit was uphill, so I got in my workout for the day toting a little boy up the path. I think he really enjoyed it, however next time............we go with daddy! :o)

My Sweet 32...

So, I enjoy birthdays. Really. I actually embrace them, and end up celebrating for at least 3 days. This year was fairly quiet, which at this point in my life, is pretty nice. :o) Gabriel brought me flowers, I got a cool pasta maker from my husband, and I was able to have some of my family over for birthday cake.