Sunday, October 25, 2009

Moonlight Halloween Run

We signed Gabriel up for his first run this year, the Tot Trot. I was the such the proud momma cheering him on...and he did great until he crossed the finish line and his tummy hurt him. MY FAULT. I had the great idea we would go eat dinner before the run. Lesson learned. The picture is not that great since there was no lighting where he did his run.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

2 Weeks as a Family of Four

Just an update - we are a little sleepy, but extremely happy. I love every minute with both Gabriel and Luca, and watching Gabriel interact with his little brother. I know these moments will go by so fast, and I've heard that the second child is faster than the first. So, even though we are still working out our night time routine, I try not to complain about it, and just enjoy the time cuddling Luca and it being just him and me. He still has a head full of black hair, that I'm hoping he keeps, and his eyes are very dark brown, and when he is awake Gabriel calls him Bright Eyes. There are tons of kisses here, and so far Gabriel has fully embraced the role as big brother with no jealousy. We are looking forward to our first family trip up to CT in December so Jonathan's family can meet our little Luca Joe. I'll keep posting pictures fairly often, since little ones change so much and so quickly.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm Complete

Luciano Joseph Scofield

October 5th, 2009 at 8:41 am - another wonderful day for a miracle.
9lbs 8.4 oz and 20 inches long

Jonathan and I left early in the morning for our exciting trip to the hospital to meet our son. We decided on a c-section this time, and it was definitely the best decision. It was nice and easy, and we were able to hold our newborn son in just a matter of an hour from the time we started. When they first brought Luca over to me, I was a little taken back, since all I knew was Gabriel, and Luca looked so different to me at first. Each day, however, I see a little of Gabriel in his face and expressions. Luca has black hair as of now, and seems to be darker skin than Gabriel, but only time will tell. When I look at him, I see Jonathan, which is wonderful to see the man you love in your children. Makes you realize the miracle of two people coming together in one. He is such a mild, relaxed baby, and big brother couldn't be happier. Gabriel is taking this role serious with no complaining or jealousy. He loves to kiss and hold his little brother, and help us in any way he can. We thought our family was complete when we had Gabriel, and now looking back, I can't imagine not having Luca with us. I would never imagined that I would be the mother of two boys, and I couldn't be happier. I love being a mom, and I have been at complete peace since having him.

Gabriel Turns 4!

Well, it just keeps coming....birthdays for my baby. Which, I guess I can't really call him a baby anymore, especially since we'll have a new baby soon. With me being 37 weeks pregnant, we opted to have a care-free party for him at an Air Jump facility nearby. All I had to do was send out invites, and bring a cake. Easy and hassle free! :o) And the kiddos had a fantastic time. Gabriel loves telling everyone he is 4, and he had a wonderful time with all of his friends at the Jump and Slide.

I'm amazed at how fast time goes by, and Jonathan and I are very aware that he is growing up faster each day. We make every effort to enjoy every minute, and not wish him grown too fast. We make a big deal about his accomplishments, and encourage him in all he does. He is the most loving, sweet, sensitive, funny, smart and precious boy I have ever met, and I thank God daily that Jonathan and I have been given this short time called childhood, to share with him. So, as another year passes, I look back at it and smile at what a wonderful time we have had together, and look forward to each day as it brings a new adventure with my son.
Gabriel's Big Boy Bike


Baby Shower

My friend, Amanda, threw me a beautiful baby shower at a lovely place in Douglasville. It was a house that was also used for Teas and Weddings. I really didn't need a lot of things, since we are having this baby right around the same time we had Gabriel, so, he should be able to wear Gabriel's clothes easily. But, I did stock up on diapers, formula and other fun items that needed to be replaced or that are just needed for everyday use.

We kept it a small group, with just some close friends and family - and out of the 12 people that came, 4 of us were expecting! Very exciting to be sharing this phase of our lives together, and know that our babies will grow up together.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so I have a few pics of me opening gifts, and one of me and Amanda. I wish I had gotten one of the group.