Thursday, February 11, 2010

12 Minutes in the Car with a 4 Year Old

"Mom, is daddy coming home in 3 days" ~ no honey, daddy is coming tonight. ~ "he'll be home today?!! Well, that's not so bad!"

"Mom, Anthony got his hair cut." ~ he did? ~ "yeah, but I don't like it." ~ you don't? ~ "no, he used to have little circles all over his head, now he doesn't. I like the little circles."

"Mom, boys have brown eyes, and girls have blue eyes." ~ oh really? ~ "yeah, you have blue eyes, and me, Luca and daddy have brown eyes." ~ well what about Bailey? ~ "Actually, Bailey has one brown and one blue." ~ why do you think he has one of each? ~ "Because God wanted Bailey to have a little of you AND a little of daddy."

(We passed a guy working on the road)
"I think the road is broken from lightening hitting it." ~ really? you think lightening did that? ~ "yes. Lightening stings like jellyfish."

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Luca Joe at 4 Months

I took Luca for his 4 month check up yesterday, and his stats were:

16 lbs 7.4 oz
25 inches long
Very Sociable
Swollen gums (waiting for some teeth to make an appearance)
And he got two horrible shots. Gabriel came with me, and asked if could leave the room because he didn't want to see Luca cry.

Luca is growing quickly, and changing every day. He rolls over, usually when no one is watching, and we have just started him (very little) on solids. Bananas were his first food. I absolutely love taking him to bed at night and rocking him for a just a few minutes before he goes to sleep. He looks at me like he knows things - I tell Jonathan I think he has an old soul. I am not with him on Thur or Fri nights, and every time first thing the next morning, he'll wake up and look at me like "there you are!" and just completely relax with me. He's a very happy baby, and he is eagerly trying to sit up and see the world. He loves his big brother, and laughs and talks when Gabriel gives him hugs.
He's my little love nugget

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our Loves

This was taken at the end of January...and you can totally see that these boys are related. They are the sweetest kids. Jonathan and I are so very blessed, and could not be happier.

Out of Order....Our Family Christmas Photo

I think everyone saw our card with our family photo...but our friend, Rob took a beautiful picture of Gabriel as well. He is such a special little boy. I love to just hang out with him, however I feel like I just don't have that much time to anymore. It makes me sad thinking about how fast he is growing up and not needing "mommy" time. He says the sweetest things, such as telling me a few weeks ago that he wanted "to marry with me". I'm okay with that. I know it won't last long.

My Little Luca in January

Wow, they grow faster the second time around!! I stay so much busier that I don't even take pictures of my sweet baby!! The first child gets his photo taken 100 times an hour...and this one you forget to for weeks. But here is around 3 months. He is looking more and more like Gabriel, however he is definitely his own little person. He is such a happy baby - and very chilled. He cries very little, but smiles and laughs often. He is sleeping 12 hours a night, and absolutely adores his big brother. The same goes for the way Gabriel feels about him. He tells me all the time that Luca is his very best friend. I pray that this is how it will be when they are grown, as well.

Hockey in Vegas

Jonathan went to his annual hockey tournament in Vegas with the team from Hanscom in November. Yes....he left me alone with a four year old and a 6 week old. :o) I survived, though. And he had a great time. He deserved some guy time...and definitely was due for some good hockey. They won the tournament, and he came back with a snazzy sweatshirt for me. Maybe next year I'll get to go and support him.

Holidays 2009

Okay - so, since I am so behind, I'm going to just cluster the past couple of months. Thanksgiving was nice here in Georgia...of course with Gabriel and Luca, everything is more exciting....and hectic. I didn't get any pictures of Thanksgiving, OR Christmas. Terrible! We do have video of Gabriel Christmas morning, which was fantastic, but the rest of the day kind of went down hill. My grandmother was admitted to the hospital that morning, so we did not go any where to celebrate. Two days after we packed up the car and kids and headed for Connecticut to visit Jonathan's family. This too turned out to be not such a great time. We ended up in the hospital with Luca with pneumonia. After several days in the hospital, we packed up again to head home...only to find out on each morning of our drive that we had a flat tire (two times) and had to finally just have our back tires replaced before heading out of Virgina. Needless to say, we were very happy when all was said and done, and we made it back home in one piece.

We did, however, get to visit quickly with some of the family, and we got to meet two new cousins, and introduce Luca as well. AND, I got a picture. :o)

Now, right before Christmas, we had Santa visit our house, and all of the neighbors brought their children over for a little party. We had a nice time, and the kids were thrilled. Gabriel was quick to talk to Santa, and he wanted to know where his reindeer were. We loved celebrating the holidays with our new addition - but, honestly, we hope they turn out a little easier and healthier next year.

Sal & Jen with Eliana; Scofields; Nonna; Nick & Julia with Lucia Luca isn't big on Santa
Mimi with little Luca
Addison with Santa
(Poor sick Gabriel...he had a terrible cold)

Gabriel's Christmas program at school

What a little angel...

Jonathan and Steve putting up the tree