Saturday, April 10, 2010

Luca Joe at 6 Months

19.2 lbs, 26 inches long. This puts him at the 75th percentile in weight and around the 60th in height.

What can Luca do? Whatever he wants! :o)

He has two cute teeth which he loves to bite your finger, your shirt, or basically anything he is able to reach and stick in his mouth. He can move across the room by either doing continuous rolls or scooting in a belly/elbow move. He can go up on all four...wanting to crawl SO bad. I'm not real anxious for him to be so mobile because the little nugget is nosey and will be into everything. He is still the happiest baby I have ever seen, offering a smile and flirty eyes to anyone who looks his way. He cackles at most everything Gabriel does, and he loves to play peek a boo - instant giggles. My favorite time with my baby is the few quiet minutes we have at bedtime. Sometimes he'll lift himself up and we'll just stare at each other. He's been a complete joy, and Jonathan and I are blessed to have been given the chance to do life with these precious little boys. I couldn't imagine life without them.

Easter 2010

Another fantastic family day! Started off going to the early service at Church...trusting Gabriel that he could stay fairly quiet through the service. Which he did. We then headed home to have a wonderful lunch with my parents and grandparents. Gabriel's cousin, Chloe, was able to join us, and they had a ball hunting for Easter eggs.

Ladies Night Out

Several of us went out for a ladies night to Agatha's Mystery Dinner Theater for my stepmother's birthday. It had been awhile since I had been there, and I absolutely love it. Very entertaining...with a very nice dinner! It's also fun to get all dressed up...especially when I look like a "mom" most of the time.

My Birthday

I had a WONDERFUL birthday. We woke up to the first pretty day in a long time, so, I started the day at the gym and then took the boys to the park for lunch with my mom. There we were harrassed by a whole gang of geese. They must have been neglected since the weather had been bad. Mom was laughing at me, because I sat on top of the picnic table and kept throwing water at the crazy hissing birds. Jonathan came in from being out of town and we ended the day with dinner with my dad and step mother. It was perfect. I love birthdays...and do not mind getting older. Each year seems a little better than the last.

Miscellaneous Photos

I'm sneaking in some pictures mainly from the beginning of March. I let myself get behind on posting, and didn't want to leave out these.