Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Baby Turns One!

Looking back at this past year there were times that I felt like we were going in slow motion, and then other times I look at Luca and think "where did my baby go?" At one, Luca is stumbling around trying to get this walking thing under control...he says momma..and possibly Bailey. Other than that he just makes random sounds. We thought he was saying da-da...but haven't been sure. He pretty much just reaches his hands out and yells when he wants something...or if you are in his way...or if you take something from him. I refer to him as having "youngest child syndrome". He's precious, and funny...and a bit of a firecracker. He climbs on everything, sometimes using the dogs as his personal step stool. He gets into every drawer and cabinet that is not locked, and sometimes manages to unlock them and still get in there. We have to keep doors closed to protect the dogs water and the toilet paper rolls...two of his favorite things to get into.

At his one year wellness check up, he came in at a whopping 22 pounds and 23 inches long, putting him around 25-50th percentile. He is known around the house as the little nugget, or sugar. It's funny to see how much smaller in size he is than Gabriel was as this time...but, Luca definitely makes up for it in personality. He still can just look at you and you sense that he knows a lot more than possible. The old soul is still there....with a mischievous grin. He has a mouth full of teeth and LOVES to eat just about anything. He loves being with his big brother and I'm sure this is just a glimpse of his attachment to Gabriel.

I found it hard to believe that I would love one child so much...and then to love another just as much is so incredible. It's true that God can just open your heart to love endlessly. Never would I have imagined that I would be the mother of that I am, I see that I was made to be the mother of boys. Couldn't imagine my life any other way...or any better.

Me and Amanda with our little ones
We didn't mean to, but we left out Gabriel!
Hard to believe that these boys are 5 months apart!
I think Bryce is giving Luca a high five.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

As fall approaches...

We had visits from Jonathan's sister and grandma one weekend...(I don't have pictures!!)...and we dressed Jessica up in cowboy boots and hat and sent her to a rodeo. I need to get the picture because the girl put a whole new meaning to cowgirl up. ;o) A few weeks after we had Jonathan's parents. They were able to come the weekend between the boys birthdays, so we ended up celebrating Luca's birthday that weekend (next blog). While they were here, Bacca Ma painted Gabriel's face - quite interesting.

This picture perfectly depicts their personalities.
Knocked daddy out!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Gabriel Turns 5!!

First, let me start off by saying..."Oh My Gosh!! Where in the heck did those 5 years go?!!" We've been through a lot during Gabriel's little life...and although sometimes it's hard to believe he's been with us for that long, other times I have a hard time remembering life without him. He is now past the age of being my little baby...he is totally his own person. He has his own thoughts on what he wants to do, eat and wear. He is pretty self-sufficient, and he was a blessing during my pregnancy with Luca, and during this first trying year of having a new baby in our house again. He has never shown anger or jealousy towards his little brother...even when at times I think he is entitled to. I am so proud of the child he is turning into, and excited to see what this next year hold for him. He is full time in pre-K, and active in soccer, which he is doing very well at. He told me yesterday he wants to try karate, we'll see if we can squeeze that into our schedule. He is still my little sweet heart that loves to cuddle and watch movies...and sometimes I get a glimpse of the little boy he was...and then the next instant I suddenly see the big boy he is fast becoming.

For his birthday this year he knew exactly what he wanted to do: A Magic party with a pinata and a star wars cake. So, that is what we did. We even had a magician come do a performance. It was a beautiful day...and I think Gabriel had the best birthday ever.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From Daddy on Your 5th Birthday


I wanted to write a letter to you on your birthday. I wanted to take the time to reflect what has happened over this last year. What it comes down to is that I've seen my little boy change in a big way:

Bigger - you were tall enough to ride the Tower of Terror at Disney World...given, we didn't go anywhere near that =). You also started playing soccer...watching somebody almost 4" tall with "Scofield" on the back of the jersey and knowing it's my son blows my mind. "I can't tell you what it really is, I can only tell you what it feels like."

Smarter - you seem to learn something every day and find new ways to surprise me and teach me a new perspective. From no longer saying "lellow" when you try to describe the color of the sun.

Sweeter - hearing I love you or getting several extra hugs and kisses followed by "I love you, you're my best daddy in the whole world" at random times in the day never gets old.

Kinder - your sensitivity to others feelings is powerful. It makes me both proud that you have such a hear for other people and God's creation, and concerned that people won't know how to accept that kind of love and respect and their reaction can sometimes be painful.

Gentler - seeing you become a big brother is almost like watching you be born again. I've seen a side of you that I could never fathom. Being a big brother is not something that your mother and I could have taught you, but I couldn't imagine you being any sweeter and in tune with Luca. You've embraced every aspect of the title. When Luca cries, it doesn't bother you because he annoys you, it bothers you because you hurt for him. It warms my heart to look int he rear view while we're driving and see you holding his hand (even while you're watching a move). Just like anybody that comes in contact with you, he's going to be a better person for having you in his life.

Stronger - far beyond physical strength, you have the ability to comfort others. When I moved into my new position and started traveling again, you really did embrace the team concept; you, Mommy, and Luca were a team when Daddy was gone. You missed me together, you loved each other together, and you made each other stronger...together. I don't know if I'd be able to do my job without knowing that. It's a tall task for a 4-year-old (now 5) but you took that on freely. It gives me peace.

I look forward to what this next year will bring. And you're moving right along. As I put you to bed on 19 Sept 2010 from your 5th birthday, you said, "Daddy, when I turn 6 years old, I want to have a rocket ship on blocks." Time doesn't stop.

The world is a better place for having you in it, my son. And I'm proud to be your father. As I read through this, I can imagine Bacca Pa saying the same thing to me when I was younger and thinking the same things that I do now back when I was your age. I only hope I can be as good for you as he and Bacca Ma were for me.

I love you,

Sweet Water hike with the boys

There is a beautiful park near our house with some great hiking trails. So far, we've only ventured the easy hike...trying to get Gabriel up to a longer, steeper one. But, I foresee some more hiking now that the weather has cooled. Maybe we'll be able to do something in North Georgia soon with them. Even the dogs were able to tag along to Sweet Water, however, I think that is about as much as poor ol' Rocco can handle these days. He slept for a while after our short hike.

Lucca thought it was funny to poke daddy in the back of the head

Disney 2010

We weren't originally planning on going to Disney this year..being that Luca is too young to appreciate, even enjoy it. But, an opportunity came up that we could go with some friends that we haven't seen in years...and their three boys! So we did...and we had a fantastic time. Gabriel was the oldest of the boys, they had three that were almost 4.....2 1/2 and one that is 3 months younger than Luca. It was a lot...of fun. :o) Gabriel had more fun than anyone, I think. He was the perfect age to fully enjoy Disney.

Thanks Dan and Amy (and boys!)

My Two Sons...

With being so behind on blogging, I keep missing pictures. So, here are actually a couple of pictures from our 4th of July in CT.

Monday, October 4, 2010

What Our Mornings Look Like Now

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Some Miscellaneous Photos of the Boys

I took the pictures from Jonathan's iphone to add to our blog. No particular order...but there sure are some cute ones!

Luca's First Haircut....bribed with a lollipop.
Gabriel not happy...Luca cheesin' away.
There we go.
Always happy after bathtime
Luca loves taking a bath with his big brother