Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Apple Picking

We decided to throw another hope-to-be tradition in our schedule this year, we went with our cull-de-sac group to the North Georgia mountains to go apple picking! We had a great time. I think the kids just had a great time eating the apples they picked (even though I don't think that was actually legal). They also had a huge jump thing that made Gabriel's day. Luca slept for the most part in the backpack....maybe next year he'll have more fun. We had a nice lunch and great company. When we got back I was able to make a apple pie for the neighbors, and we cooked marshmallows out at the fire pit that neighbor Steve so kindly built. :o)

This didn't last long before Luca was trying to get out

The Gang

Gabriel and Addison
This is where Luca spent the remainder of the trip

Gabriel was ready to go

Gabriel found something to jump on!
And...he's asleep

Time for marshmellows and hotdogs!

Look at this little lady!! When did she grow up?!