Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some Updated Pics

We seem to stay on the go ALL the time now. Between Jonathan's work schedule, my training and Gabriel's school, karate and soccer, we just go go go. Luca even grabs his backpack first thing in the morning now, and will point to the door and say "out". But, busy is good. We are all doing well, and are happy to see Spring weather finally. Luca LOVES being outside, and the cold, wet days were taking its toll on us.

So, first...I officially have 20 days left before my competition. Jonathan took a updated picture of me last night. I am down 18 pounds and close to 8% body fat. This is wild to me, considering I was pretty happy with where I was before I started this challenge, I didn't think I could cut so much. I'm in the hardest "diet" part right now. My diet has been cut drastically to cut the last amount I'm very aware that all of this that I am losing these last 3 weeks will come back on fast. It will stink in a way, but I can not "maintain" this. Way too hard. This has been such a mental challenge and has definitely shown me what I'm capable of with self-discipline. Now the next thing is...I may take a week off after the competition and then come back for 6 more weeks to compete in a pro competition. !!!! Crazy, I know. It all depends on how I feel and how I do on April 9th. More to come...

Gabriel's end of preschool is right around the corner, and he is registered now for kindergarten. I take him in a couple of weeks for his assessment. He is SO excited about big kid school...the best part? You can pick your own lunch, and they even have chocolate juice if he wants! :o) It's the little things. We are trying to figure out some summer plans, hoping to hit Hilton Head with a girlfriend and her two little ones when the kids get out, and then we'll do our July 4th up in CT with the family. Not sure if we'll do much more than that. We have so much we can get into here...and I think the boys will just have a blast being in a swimming pool this summer. Gabriel is doing fantastic in his second season of soccer, and he is up in the next couple of weeks to be tested again for his yellow belt in karate. Love it! Now I just can't wait for Luca to be able to do stuff, because he just runs around like a crazy child at these places.

We took the boys last Sunday to an animal park...they both had a blast, but needless to say it wore them BOTH out. :o) (This is how Luca always relaxes in the car...with his hands behind his head.)And then all the way in the back of the car...

Luca wants to be a big boy like his brother
These two LOVE the trampoline
Just chillin' with daddy
Gabriel enjoys being goalie
Not a good picture...but I think it's funny how he carries around his smoothie (like daddy) and his egg and cheese sandwich (like Gabriel)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Half Way There!!

I have 6 weeks from tomorrow until my competition. Wow!! This is hard. The mental part when it comes to you eat, when you eat, WHY you eat. We went out on a date last week, and I wanted popcorn or SOMETHING just to munch on so bad! When I bake, I have to make a big effort not to lick a spoon, or my finger....or the bowl. ;o) But, I'm doing well. I feel like I'm just doing okay, but my trainer assures me that I'm doing great. I weigh/measure again on Monday..but, I'm at least (from my stats 2 weeks ago) down 10 lbs, around 6% body fat...and I bought a pair of jeans 2 sizes smaller!! So, I'll have absolutely nothing to wear by the end of this. :o)

Here's a pic (I took myself, so not the best). And, Yes Cara! I know!! My shoulders are not straight! :o)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Funny Valentines!

Jonathan and I decided before we were even married to not really "do" Valentines. We agreed that we should show our love to each other year round, not spend money on overpriced goodies one day a year. But, with kids, we do get cards, make things, etc. This year, Jonathan came home with some flowers and let Gabriel give them to me. It makes Gabriel SO happy to do things like this. And even better, I was able to take a beautiful picture of my boys!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

2 1/2 Weeks down...10 1/2 Weeks left's it going?? It's tough. Mentally it's tough to constantly be conscious of what you're eating and when....keeping track of calories, carbs, protein, fat, fiber...I think I've got a pretty good handle on it now. That doesn't make it any more fun...but tolerable. The workouts? Exhausting! The crazy weight our trainer gets us doing is insane to me. Top that with overloading on cardio and I'm not good for much else. I'm trying to not neglect my family too much during this...but it is temporary, and I hope to make them proud and be better for it. Gabriel is totally pulling for me, and very aware of what I can NOT eat. And he tells me. :o) I'm starting to see a change in my appearance, which definitely helps and gives me the boost I need. Monday will be the next measurement/pinch day, so I'm anxious to see the results.

I'm posting a picture (definitely before) of Cara (my partner in all of this) and myself. She's probably sick of me dragging her into my ideas... :o) But she's hanging tough! And it's great support to have someone doing with me.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Don't wake daddy....

For quite a while now, I will wake up only to be scared by a small person standing next to my bed in the dark. This small person is none other than Gabriel....every morning, quietly just standing there. I'll ask "what are you doing?" and he'll say "shhhh....don't wake daddy...can I play my game?". "Yeah, sure...." I always respond.

This morning while eating breakfast, Jonathan started laughing at the fact that Gabriel just stands there....and so I asked G why he doesn't say anything. He said he doesn't know who is there, if it's me or daddy. I told him I almost always sleep on that side (unless I'm TRYING to sleep longer). Then Jonathan asked, why don't you ever wake up daddy? And Gabriel answered "because you always tell me to go back to bed." :o) OHHH. I understand now. And I was always so upset that he would wake me up and yet be concerened enough to let daddy sleep. It was just a smart move on his part.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 1 is under my belt....

So, I'm just going to keep a "diary" of my experience on here in case I forget how it was. Like childbirth. After it's over I may say "it wasn't that bad". :o) I think I've got the hang of the diet part...I hope. It's definitely a challenge making two meals every time - one for the boys and one for myself. I've had the occasional snippy moments, but overall I think I'm doing okay. I've even winged myself off my coffee creamer. :o( Hard to do, but I know I'll see my dear friend, French Vanilla coffee creamer, in my future.

Apparently my house doesn't smell as good as it used to (according to my father.) Well, I'm a pastry chef, and right now this girl is lucky to make pancakes for the kids without licking the plates afterwards. I officially start the "training" part on Monday. I'm very much looking forward to this! Now it won't be like I'm just on a diet, I'll actually start working towards seeing improvements! Anyways - with one week down, and I think a solid 3 pounds off my scale, I'm moving in the right directions. Now....12 more to go!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Like to Move it, Move it!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day

So we had a nice snow/ice storm and have been stuck at home for a couple of days. Not too bad though. At least Jonathan was home with us....this wouldn't have been near as fun if we weren't able to have a little Rock Band time together. :o) That mixed in with the occasional parental duties...and he did some work, we've had a nice time being "stuck" at home. Wish we could do this more often!

Gabriel gets his first new belt

Gabriel has now gone from white belt to a white belt with a black stripe. :o) I (almost) cried as they tied the new belt around him. I got to watch him do his test....and he did great! I have it on video, but no pics. I just took pics before and then after.

Practicing at home
Ready to start the test!
Getting his new belt
Very proud!
The proud new belts!

Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Year...A New Me!

As I start this new year, and quickly approach my 34th birthday, I have decided (with the support of my awesome husband and great friends) to train and compete in a bodybuilding competition on April 9th. I'm excited about the training, and the opportunity to push myself to a new level, but I'm a wee bit nervous about sporting a small bikini (which I have not worn since college!) and posing on a stage in front of 500 people.

I'm putting this out here so there is no backing that my blogging world knows, I feel accountable. ;o) Wish me luck...pray for my family, as they may need it if this diet makes me cranky. I'll post pictures in April!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Big Santa Gift

Santa brought the boys a trampoline for Christmas...and it has a been a HUGE hit. Here's a little preview.

Family Christmas Photo Shoot

I'm lucky to have a neighbor/friend who is talented in photography, and so kindly took our family photos this year. I loved a lot of them...but, kids will be kids, and Gabriel was either over taking pictures or Luca was just interested in kissing the dog. But, we managed to get a handful of keepers....and I threw in some extra. :o) Thanks Cara!!

It's Christmas Time!!

I love the holiday season. I totally embrace new and old traditions, and all the business it offers. After our crazy holiday last year, I was really looking forward to a little more relaxing one. Didn't happen. We had a beautiful Christmas Eve with our neighbors, and went to a great service at our church...then to a great Christmas Eve dinner at my dad's house. It's always too quick with the family, and then we have to rush home to get the boys to bed so Santa can come. Gabriel was sure to leave out 3 cookies and he put a glass of milk in the fridge so it would be nice and cold when Santa came.
Then on Christmas 3:30 am!!! Gabriel was up and ready for the day. This turned out to be a nice, but LONG EXHAUSTING day. We had our first white Christmas in Georgia...and then got on the plane at 4:00 to fly to Connecticut for a Blizzard up there. All was good until Sunday when Jonathan started feeling bad, and ended up at the immediate care to find out he had strep throat!!! We made it home on New Year's eve, and our sweet neighbors had the cul-da-sac group over for chili, and we crashed. Our fist year to miss the ball falling...and the midnight kiss. :o(

The boys Christmas morning

Luca on his 4-wheeler Me with some of the Italians....I'm really not that tall.

Some of the massive snow mounds
Gabriel and Luca helping G-Lu blow out her birthday candles....with help from Aunt Jessica
The boys on the plane ready for takeoff
At the airport on Christmas day
Jonathan did a great job on the lights this year!
Putting the final touches on
Luca up to no good, I'm sure
My brother, Cory, put together the explaining to him that I am NOT too heavy to be on there
Realizing that Jonathan was taking pictures
Gabriel and I snuck away one day to DD for coffee and doughnuts
My poor sick sweetness
That's me out there determined to dig our car out of the snow so we wouldn't be stuck.
Bacca Pa, Gabriel and Kevin

Random Pictures from Fall 2010

I have been so bad at keeping this blog updated, and even worse at taking pictures at family and special events! Poor Luca just gets the occasional cell phone snap pic taken. My goal for this new year is to keep at this better. Hopefully. :o)

North Georgia Mountains

We LOVE the mountains....LOVE LOVE LOVE them. We usually try to go to Colorado every so often to feed our love of the mountains, but we have been unable to do that for a couple of years. This year, however, our friends Amanda and Rob invited us to the North Georgia mountains for a weekend together....with the kids. It was short, but a very nice time. We woke up the first morning to snow and a beautiful view from our nice little cabin. We hiked with the kids, and were even able to spend a little adult time together after the kids went to bed. Looking forward to doing this again!