Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Don't wake daddy....

For quite a while now, I will wake up only to be scared by a small person standing next to my bed in the dark. This small person is none other than Gabriel....every morning, quietly just standing there. I'll ask "what are you doing?" and he'll say "shhhh....don't wake daddy...can I play my game?". "Yeah, sure...." I always respond.

This morning while eating breakfast, Jonathan started laughing at the fact that Gabriel just stands there....and so I asked G why he doesn't say anything. He said he doesn't know who is there, if it's me or daddy. I told him I almost always sleep on that side (unless I'm TRYING to sleep longer). Then Jonathan asked, why don't you ever wake up daddy? And Gabriel answered "because you always tell me to go back to bed." :o) OHHH. I understand now. And I was always so upset that he would wake me up and yet be concerened enough to let daddy sleep. It was just a smart move on his part.


The Vrabecs said...

LOL, they have it figured out, don't they?!?!?

Nicole said...

Those kids are smart! LOL!

And AUdrey used to do the same thing. She would come in our bedroom and just stand there. Wade and I always laugh about it too!