Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some Updated Pics

We seem to stay on the go ALL the time now. Between Jonathan's work schedule, my training and Gabriel's school, karate and soccer, we just go go go. Luca even grabs his backpack first thing in the morning now, and will point to the door and say "out". But, busy is good. We are all doing well, and are happy to see Spring weather finally. Luca LOVES being outside, and the cold, wet days were taking its toll on us.

So, first...I officially have 20 days left before my competition. Jonathan took a updated picture of me last night. I am down 18 pounds and close to 8% body fat. This is wild to me, considering I was pretty happy with where I was before I started this challenge, I didn't think I could cut so much. I'm in the hardest "diet" part right now. My diet has been cut drastically to cut the last amount I'm very aware that all of this that I am losing these last 3 weeks will come back on fast. It will stink in a way, but I can not "maintain" this. Way too hard. This has been such a mental challenge and has definitely shown me what I'm capable of with self-discipline. Now the next thing is...I may take a week off after the competition and then come back for 6 more weeks to compete in a pro competition. !!!! Crazy, I know. It all depends on how I feel and how I do on April 9th. More to come...

Gabriel's end of preschool is right around the corner, and he is registered now for kindergarten. I take him in a couple of weeks for his assessment. He is SO excited about big kid school...the best part? You can pick your own lunch, and they even have chocolate juice if he wants! :o) It's the little things. We are trying to figure out some summer plans, hoping to hit Hilton Head with a girlfriend and her two little ones when the kids get out, and then we'll do our July 4th up in CT with the family. Not sure if we'll do much more than that. We have so much we can get into here...and I think the boys will just have a blast being in a swimming pool this summer. Gabriel is doing fantastic in his second season of soccer, and he is up in the next couple of weeks to be tested again for his yellow belt in karate. Love it! Now I just can't wait for Luca to be able to do stuff, because he just runs around like a crazy child at these places.

We took the boys last Sunday to an animal park...they both had a blast, but needless to say it wore them BOTH out. :o) (This is how Luca always relaxes in the car...with his hands behind his head.)And then all the way in the back of the car...

Luca wants to be a big boy like his brother
These two LOVE the trampoline
Just chillin' with daddy
Gabriel enjoys being goalie
Not a good picture...but I think it's funny how he carries around his smoothie (like daddy) and his egg and cheese sandwich (like Gabriel)